Thursday, March 17, 2011

My first post

Don't really know what to post.  Since the Febapple 50M, I've been trying to get into shape for some of the "faster" ultras/races that I have coming up.  I've been getting in some decent tempo runs with Matt.  Amazingly, the workouts have been pretty "easy".  After all the LSD runs, I still have some sort of speed in my legs.

My first test comes in less than 36 hours when I toe the line at the Hinte-Anderson Trail (HAT) 50K in Havre de Grace, MD.  The race is going to feature some good road and trail runners that will be tough to beat.  Gabriel Rodriquez was added to the start list late and should be the toughest competition there.  Although you can never count out Alex Barth, Matt Wilson, Angus Repper, and Frank Leiter.

I'm not all that consumed with this race.  My main goal is in May at the Ice Age Trail 50M.  After failing to win a lottery spot for Western States this year, I figured I would try to race my way in.  Ice Age is shaping up to be a semi-competitive race with some higher profile runners making another appearance, namely Zach Gingerich, Lon Freeman, and Glen Redpath.  I just need to finish in the top 2.

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  1. Well Josh - one more thing to use our time on. Blogging is fun and certainly gives a peek into what other people are doing from a training and racing perspective. A big challenge is keeping up with it. Don't sweat HAT too much. Going out like that was silly and cost you your race and possibly me my four hour goal but what the heck ... it's quite hard to not when the pace feels like one you can handle at the time. Good luck with your training and stay in touch - we'll plan some stuff soon. I won't doing anything of consequence until next week but will be running easy at FC this Sat.