Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Summary: Apr 18 - Apr 24

Mon-PM:  11 miles (1:30) Joy-GWHQ, 600'
Ran with Matt from Knox's HQ.  Raining today.  Muddy trails. Ran into Trail-Ben, another British runner on the trails.  His name wasn't Ben, but he will forever be known as Trail-Ben.
Tues-PM:  11 miles (1:17) Betzwood Loop + extra loop, 421'
Afterwork run with Tantino.  Ran Betzwood in 49 min (6.5 miles), then added on another 4.5 miles in 28:50 on the trails.  Felt pretty decent.  No abdominal problems.  Don't even think I had to go potty.
Wed-AM:  11 miles (1:28:32)  Betzwood-Sanctuary, 352'
Early morning run with Jason.  Started at 5am.

Wed-PM:  7 miles (52:25)  Betzwood-Sanctuary, 502'
First double in a really, really long time.  Ran with Ben and Mike.  They weren't too happy with the loop.  They enjoy flatter running, but I convinced them to run this loop.  As always, running with these two tends to be faster than normal easy runs, but didn't feel too bad.

Thurs:  0.00 miles (XX:XX)
Friday-AM:  10.4 miles (1:35:51) French Creek, 1027'
Met Matt at Shed Road.  Ran down Lenape to the Six-Penny loop.  Nice 400' climb.  Then back down Six-Penny to Boone and back to Lenape up to Shed.
Saturday-AM:  22.75 miles (3:09) GVHS, 2140'
What a crappy run.  Was supposed to run 30 miles with Matt at Blue Marsh.  Started at 7am.  Raining hard and cold for the first 2 hours.  Then the rain subsided and ran the last hour wet and chafed.  Course was nice despite being muddy and wet.  Sure hope Ice Age has some decent weather.  It would be nice to have a race where I don't have to deal with the elements and can just relax and run 50 miles.

Sunday-AM:  14.5 miles (1:46:38) Chester Springs, 1206'
Ran with Matt starting at 6am.  Started out stronger than usual.  Ran the first mile in 8:20 with 185 ft elevation gain.  We then started running nice steady pace through 10 miles in 1:12:30.  Re-chafing started in mile 11 and I had to run at what felt like a snails pace (8:20-9:00).  Interestingly, I can see this as being a really nice pace for Vermont.

Mileage = 88
Vertical = 6200'
Days off = 1

Not a bad week back from GI issues.  7-10 days of good training remaining, then taper will begin for Ice Age.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekly Summary: Apr 11 - Apr 17


Running was hampered this week due to illness.  My son was sick early in the week, but I managed to get about 8.5 on Monday and 11 on Tuesday.  When Wednesday came around for the workout, I had GI troubles, requiring immediate attention about 5-6 times during the run.  Needless to say, the workout did not happen and I only made it out for about 5.5 miles.  Thursday and Friday were days trying to recover from those issues.  Saturday, I was able to get 15 miles in the morning with the guys, very easy, but the rest of the day was spent with the GI distress.  No idea what the problem is.  I guess I got a bug from Evan.  Anyway, took Sunday off from running and primed the walls in the basement.  Didn't have any bathroom issues this day.  So, what was the damage.  40 miles and 3 days off.  Missed Boston.  Better having this problem now, then when Ice Age comes around.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Summary: Apr 04 - Apr 10

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Apr 04 - Apr 10

Mon-PM:  5.1 miles (36:40) Baseball Pratice to Home, 285'
It was like 70 degrees or so out, so not used to running in this weather after the cold winter.  Don't know if it was the weather or the tired legs from the weekend that made me feel horrible for this run.  That is the reason for the shorter distance.

Tues-PM:  10.9 miles (1:20) Betzwood Loop + extra loop, 421'
Ran with Mike Tantino.  He has been out for a long time.  Pace was a little faster than I tend to like on my easy days, but got into groove after a little bit.

Wed-PM:  0 miles (X:XX)  Did not run.
 Evan had baseball practive at 5pm..then went to Iron Hill for dinner.

Thurs-PM:  13.1 miles (1:39)  Tantino loop than modified DML, 1256'
Ran with Mike T. for about 5.5 miles, then added on a loop of Joy and Misery alone.  Ran harder up the hills.

Friday-AM:  11 miles (1:27) Betzwood from Oaks, 284'
Ran with Jason starting at 5:00am.  Early morning run, but felt pretty good on it.  Could have went for more.
Saturday-AM:  15 miles (1:49) GVHS, 1253'
Met Matt at GVHS for a workout at 7am.  Ran a 5 miles warm-up in 39 minutes easy.  Then 4 x 10 minute tempo with 3 minute jog between.  The tempos were at 6min/mile over rolling hills.  Effort was definitely harder than the 6min/mile.  Finished it up with a 2.6 mil "cooldown" back to cars.  The cooldown was up Yellow Springs which is a longuphill followed by steep down.

Sunday-AM:  26.2 miles (4:00) French Creek/Horseshow Trail, 2447'
Met with Matt and Jason at Scott's Run Lake parking at 6am.  Headed out on trail before sunrise.  Very slow going considering the technicality of the trails.  Ran out to Warwick Park.  This will be the last 13+ miles of the proposed Horseshoe Trail race.  On way back, ran faster.  Legs tired, but was able to push harder the last 4 miles on very technical trail.

Mileage = 81
Vertical = 6000'
Days off = 1

This was my "off" week.  Took it a bit easier with mileage and vertical this week.  Not bad for an off week being 80 miles.  Decided that I probably will run Boston on the 18th.  Probably won't run very hard.  Will just try to keep pace for a 2:45-2:50.  Don't want to tire the legs to much or ruin my mental racing mind for Ice Age.  Will be an interesting run.  Going to drive up on Sunday and camp in Highlander somewhere.  I will have to see what Lee's goal is.  Maybe I can run with him.  I have a feeling the road is going to take something out of my legs post-race week.  Anyway, should be fun!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Mar 28 - Apr 03

Mon-PM:  9.6 miles (1:13) Kimberton Whole Foods-Home, 745'
A new chapter in our lives has started.  Evan is playing in an organized team sport.  Today was his first practice and he did remarkably well.  Evan's a quick learner!  Anyway, after practice, my wife took him home and I ran from the Kimberton Whole Foods starting at around 7:30 or so.  Headlamp needed new batteries and made the trip home challenging.

Tues-PM:  7.75 miles (1:02) Joy-Misery x 2, 1312'
Cause I am a masochist.  Was going to run 3 loops, but wanted to go home and have play catch with Evan.

Wed-PM:  11.6 miles (1:40)  Joy-Misery x 3, 2000'
Garmin battery died.  Ran 3 reverse loops and practice power-hiking up the steeper sections.

Thurs-PM:  11 miles (1:23)  SRT, 282'
Workout on the Schulykill River Trail with Matt.  6 x 5 min w/ 2 min jog.  Started easy, though legs tired.  Paces were 5:56, 5:54, 5:52, 5:48, 5:44, 5:38.

Friday-AM:  8.25 miles (1:)5) Perkiomen Trail, 282'
Ran with Jason starting at 5:30am.  Raining during the run, but snowed after.  Probably would have preferred the snow.

Saturday-AM:  22 miles (3:30) Horseshoe Trail, 3000'
Exploration run on the Horseshoe Trail.  This section will wind up being miles 20-30 for the 100K race.  Tough, tough section.  Some very steep hills with lots of rocks and debris fields.  Looks like a tornado or something shredded trees apart.  Almost killed myself on a fall, but stopped my head from hitting a big log by about 6 inches.  I am sure it would have knocked me unconscious and probably of split my head open.  Lucky Day!!!
The 10.5 mile entry below is the direction the race will proceed and has over 1600ft of climbing and 1233 ft of descent.

03APR2011 (Happy Birthday to me)
Sunday-AM:  20.5 miles (2:36) Betzwood-Sanctuary, 863'
Met up with Terry, Patrick, Paul, Mike, and Carolyn for a stroll through the flat sections of VF.  Ran 4 miles before running with them.  Legs were tired today, but was able to go up the hills strong.

Mileage = 91
Vertical = 8500'
Days off = 0