Sunday, April 3, 2011

WEEKLY SUMMARY: Mar 28 - Apr 03

Mon-PM:  9.6 miles (1:13) Kimberton Whole Foods-Home, 745'
A new chapter in our lives has started.  Evan is playing in an organized team sport.  Today was his first practice and he did remarkably well.  Evan's a quick learner!  Anyway, after practice, my wife took him home and I ran from the Kimberton Whole Foods starting at around 7:30 or so.  Headlamp needed new batteries and made the trip home challenging.

Tues-PM:  7.75 miles (1:02) Joy-Misery x 2, 1312'
Cause I am a masochist.  Was going to run 3 loops, but wanted to go home and have play catch with Evan.

Wed-PM:  11.6 miles (1:40)  Joy-Misery x 3, 2000'
Garmin battery died.  Ran 3 reverse loops and practice power-hiking up the steeper sections.

Thurs-PM:  11 miles (1:23)  SRT, 282'
Workout on the Schulykill River Trail with Matt.  6 x 5 min w/ 2 min jog.  Started easy, though legs tired.  Paces were 5:56, 5:54, 5:52, 5:48, 5:44, 5:38.

Friday-AM:  8.25 miles (1:)5) Perkiomen Trail, 282'
Ran with Jason starting at 5:30am.  Raining during the run, but snowed after.  Probably would have preferred the snow.

Saturday-AM:  22 miles (3:30) Horseshoe Trail, 3000'
Exploration run on the Horseshoe Trail.  This section will wind up being miles 20-30 for the 100K race.  Tough, tough section.  Some very steep hills with lots of rocks and debris fields.  Looks like a tornado or something shredded trees apart.  Almost killed myself on a fall, but stopped my head from hitting a big log by about 6 inches.  I am sure it would have knocked me unconscious and probably of split my head open.  Lucky Day!!!
The 10.5 mile entry below is the direction the race will proceed and has over 1600ft of climbing and 1233 ft of descent.

03APR2011 (Happy Birthday to me)
Sunday-AM:  20.5 miles (2:36) Betzwood-Sanctuary, 863'
Met up with Terry, Patrick, Paul, Mike, and Carolyn for a stroll through the flat sections of VF.  Ran 4 miles before running with them.  Legs were tired today, but was able to go up the hills strong.

Mileage = 91
Vertical = 8500'
Days off = 0

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