Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekly Summary: Dec 26 – Jan 01

Mon-AM:  15 miles (1:48) Chester Springs Loop, 1500'
Started run at 7am with Jason from Great Valley High School parking lot.  We started out easy up the first hill, but then started pushing a little harder the rest of the run. Pushed the hills pretty hard and averaged 7:12/mile, which isn’t that fast pace-wise, but when you add in some of those hills, they definitely slow the pace down a bit.  I finished the run with a 5:50 last mile.  It’s nice when you can run later in the morning and not have to worry about getting into work.  These holiday shutdowns are a nice added bonus!

Tues-AM:  15 miles (1:55) Perk and Betzwood Loop
Woke up a little late and missed the start of the run with Jason and Kim.  But, still got out and ran up Perk to meet them on their return trip  After they finished, I continued on for another 9 miles in Betzwood on River Trail.  Flat with virtually no hills.  Didn’t run fast.  Just felt flat.

Wed-AM:  11 miles,  Sanctuary Suicides
We haven’t done this workout for a long, long time.  The Sanctuary hill isn’t that long, but has a ~10% incline.  This workout has 3 sets of 4 hills, each hill is longer than the first.  The first one in the set goes up to the start of the fence (~30 sec).  The second goes about half way up the fence (~45-50 sec).  The third goes to the top of the big climb, where the pavement levels out (~1:10-1:15).  The fourth goes further up the slight incline before the left turn (~2:15-2:30).  The key to this workout is recovering fast as you head back down to the start of the hill.  When I had run 27:48 for this workout, I went on to run a marathon PR at Philly in 2:38.  Now that I have trained on hills and have become a much stronger climber and runner, I thought it would be interesting to run this workout again and see if I am anywhere close to the shape I have been in the past.

Jason and I met at Oaks and warmed up easy for 2.6 miles to the hill.  It was pretty cold, but I figured having gloves, hat, and jacket would be to warm.  After the 2nd hill of the first set, my hands were pretty cold, so I stopped at the bottom to put on a pair of gloves.  That set me back about 10 seconds, but I was quickly headed up for the 3rd hill.  I went through the first set leisurely in 9:30 (with the 10 second glove break).  I picked the pace up a bit on the 2nd set and finished that one at 18:40 (9:10 for 2nd set).  Over the 3rd set, I worked a little bit harder to finish in 27:29 (8:49 for 3rd set).  I had thought my PR was 26:45 for this workout, but looking back at my old log on athleticore, I realize it was 27:48.  I am pretty surprised that I ran this faster than I had in the past.  I guess I am in better shape than I used to be.  That doesn’t mean that I could go run a 2:38 marathon now, but maybe with the proper marathon training, I might be able to run a marathon PR.  Hmmm!  Should I maybe run Philly this year?  Would be interesting considering only 5 weeks removed from Grindstone!

Cooled down with a 4 mile recovery jog.

Thurs-AM:  14.5 miles, Chester Springs from Route 113 parking lot.
I met Jason and Matt at 7am for an easy run from the parking lot near Route 113 at bottom of Elbow lane.  We ran just under 8min/mile.  We went over a new route which included Art School Road to Miller to St Matthews to Flowing Springs to Beaver Hill to French Creek to Hoffecker (?) to Hallman Mill to Lucas to Severn Stars to Hares Hill to Kimberton and back to Art School.  Wanted to go longer, but didn’t really feel like it.

Friday-AM:  19 miles (3:00) Joy-Misery Loops, 3750’
Matt, Jason, and I wanted to get some good hills in today, so we met for Joy-Misery loops.  We didn’t run them hard at all.  Originally I was planning to run 4 loops.  Jason joined me for 3, Matt joined for 4, and I ran a 5th alone.  I thought about running a 6th loop, but didn’t take much nutrition, so I was starting to run out of steam.

In the evening, we went to Jason’s to watch “Unbreakable”.  Pretty good documentary on 2010 Western States.  Wish I got a lottery spot.  I will have to wait until next year, hopefully!  Otherwise, I need to try to qualify through Montrail Ultracup race.  That is getting pretty hard to do for old guys not named Mackey.

Saturday-AM:  28 miles (3:39), Perkiomen
I started run at a bit before 6am and was able to get 8 miles in before meeting Matt, Jason, and Kim.  Then went out for a 20 miler with them.  Kim turned around after 7 miles.  We went out in 1:20 for the first 10, then came back in 1:13.  We were rolling pretty good at the end hitting 6min/mile for the final mile.  Not a bad long run.  A good end to the year. 

Wish I had kept track of my mileage for the year.  I think I was probably somewhere around 4000, but I don’t have the records.  Not my longest mileage year.  That happened in 2007 when I averaged 93miles/week and that was with the last 5 weeks of the year off!  I am going to log 2012, at least until Doomsday!  Hence the purpose for recording this week’s mileage on this site.

Sunday-AM:  14 miles, Champagne run from Knox’s
I met Matt for an easy 6 miles before joining the Valley Forge Striders and the Fasttracks running clubs for their Champagne run.  We headed out from Knox’s to top of Diamondrock and back.  Starting pushing up Diamondrock and was 2nd to the top.  Terry dropped me toward the very top, but I kept the pace going while he recovered.  I run hills like this everyday, so doesn’t take that much out of me.  Dropped the pace to 6:09.  Patrick caught me during that mile, which I was pretty surprised with.  He says he isn’t in any sort of shape, but I beg to differ! 

Good start to the year!

Weekly Mileage = 116
Weekly Vertical = ?
Yearly Mileage = 14
Yearly Vertical = ?
Days off = 0

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  1. Interesting! Sounds like a long week to me. Good luck!