Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jan 02 - Jan 08

Mon-AM:  11 miles, Oaks/Betzwood loop, ‘337ft
Started run at 9am with Jason and Kim from the lower perkiomen valley parking lot.  We ran pretty easy.

Tues-AM:  10.5 miles, Oaks/Betzwood loop (Reverse), ‘219ft
Started run at 5am with Jason.  We ran easy.  Reversed the loop and stayed down on Perkiomen rather than going over Sanctuary.  It was a shorter run and I decided to not add anything on at the end.
Wed-AM:  12.5 miles, Perkiomen Out-N-Back, ‘269ft
I met Jason at 5am and we ran up Perk pretty easy.  The temperature was at 15F and it was cold, but bearable.  I added on an extra mile at the end for shits and giggles.
Thurs-AM:  13 miles, VFMS (1:45), only ‘750ft
I met Joe (the new recruit) at 4:45am for an easy 2 miles before Matt showed up at 5am.  We then all ran a 6 mile loop in Chesterbrook.  Matt is tapering for Bandera 100K in Texas on Saturday.  He is ready to kill it.  He is itching to move.  Afterward the initial 8+ miles, I then added another 5miles.  Run was not fast at all.  This week is not about fast, but more about keeping miles on the legs for the planned 50 mile training run on Sunday.  I also registered for the Philadelphia 100 Miler on April 7th this morning.  It’s free.  So, I can decide not to do it at anytime and not worry about losing any money.
Friday-AM:  10 miles (1:20) VFMS, 1000’
I met Joe again at 4:45am for an easy run.  We went up and over Valley Forge Mountain via Welsh Valley and Paul Lenen.  We finished down Valley Creek trail into Chesterbrook.  Nothing special with this run.  Nothing really special with any of these runs all week.  Just taking it fairly easy to give myself the best chance of having a good long run on Sunday.
Saturday-AM:  0 miles (0:00)
Off day.  Needed one of these really bad.
Sunday-AM:  37.2 miles, Kent and BJ Prizers Fat Ass 50K
My initial plan was to do a 50 mile training run.  The course is a completely flat 10K out-n-back on the Perkiomen.  Weather was very good.  Temperature in the low 30’s at the start and topped out at about 45 degrees.  I ran the first 2 loops with Kim and than ran the last 4 loops by myself, although Kim rode along on a bike for most of it.
10K:  0hr48min
20K:  1hr38min
30K:  2hr28min
40K:  3hr18min
50K:  4hr08min
60K:  4hr58min

Weekly Mileage = 94
Weekly Vertical = ~2800ft
Yearly Mileage = 108 (8 days)
Yearly Vertical = ~3900ft
Days off = 1

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