Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jan 16 – Jan 22

The taper has unofficially begun.  Being that I don’t have a set training schedule, it also means that I don’t have a set taper schedule.  Usually my body tells my mind, when to start cutting back on the mileage.  Or is it my mind telling my body to tell my mind that it is time, only my mind knows, or is it my body.  Confusing!  Anyway, this week I took it pretty easy.  After a 116, 94, and 77 mile week, it is safe to say that I AM tapering.  I won’t go through the motions of listing every day this week.  It’s not that interesting.  Just know that it was a measly 68 miles.  I did, however, happen to run every day this week.  Finished the week, with a 17 miler starting from Hopewell Lake in French Creek with Matt.  Saturday, I ran 4 miles over a snowy Joy and Misery.  Didn’t feel the need to do anymore than that.

Weekly Mileage = 68
Weekly Vertical = ~3000ft
Yearly Mileage = 253 (22 days)
Yearly Vertical = ~11900ft
Days off = 2

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